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Grew, Blezard and Simpson live at Open Circuit March 14

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Here’s a lovley short film shot by Phil Powell of a performance I did with Shaun Blezard and Stephen Grew at Open Circuit in Ulverston in March 2014.


New EP from Noise Research with Shaun Blezard – The Lanternhouse

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Latest release from Electronic Musik comes from Noise Research (with Shaun Blezard)

Em179: Lanternhouse EP – Noise Research with Shaun Blezard

download Lanternhouse FREE here

The Lanternhouse – Noise Research with Shaun Blezard

Two pieces of ‘music concrete’ constructed from sounds recorded by Cumbria based artsist Shaun Blezard in the Lanternhouse Arts Centre, Ulverston. They were for his successful ‘Cumbria Remixed’ project from 2011.

Shauns recordings were used as the sonic objects for the realisation of the two works presented here.

Shaun Blezard on WordPress

Artwork – Ian Simpson (2012)

Noise Research to play Open Circuit in Ulverston

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Open Circuit returns to the Lanternhouse for another night of grass roots exploratory music on Thursday 4th August.

Amazing line up for this event:

Noise Research – alter-ego of UK Sound Artist / Musician Ian Simpson. Ian has been involved in the experimental / improvised music scene for many years and He has adopted an uncompromising approach in both playing and performance which has led to his involvement as a performer with many other artists.

Gagarin – Gagarin has been making music on the edges of the musical galaxy for many years in many guises. Currently he works alone crafting atmospheric digital soundscapes, sculpting future grooves and polishing aching melodies. He plays out live – an exciting mix of software precision and human frailty/spontaneity thats never the same twice.

Deep Clutter – Deep Clutter are a trio of improvisers based around the North of England – They are: Steve Lewis (vocals), Mary Oliver (vocals) & Shaun Blezard (electronics). They are currently developing improvised work about place, belonging, family and mortality.

Andi Chapple – Andi is a sound artist based in Sedburgh, Cumbria. He will be performing a development of a performance working with recordings made under a disused (but still very echoy) railway bridge on Jordan Lane, Middleton, near Sedbergh, looping them in real time, controlling them with a set of MIDI controller foot pedals made out of CD-Rs and piezoelectric pickups.

Noise Research remix for Shaun Blezard (Clutter)

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I’ve just completed a remix / collage of some field recordings for the artist Shaun Blezard.
It’s part of the ‘Cumbria Remixed’ project.
‘Cumbria Remixed’ is an exciting new digital sound project using digital technologies to investigate and remix the soundscape of Cumbria. It will create a lively dialogue between old and new, young and old through field recordings of Cumbrian environments, and local people’s tales, tunes, stories and songs. It will use digital technology to remix and remould our environment and our stories to create new soundscapes and songs.

Cumbria Remixed is a project by sound artist Shaun Blezard for Lanternhouse.

Shaun has been writing music about and of Cumbria for over 10 years, working with artists, poets, musicians, dancers and the community as well as incorporating sounds of the local environment into his work.
‘A fine collection of digital landscape paintings and atmospheres by Shaun Blezard under his Clutter alias… Remarkable to think that such clinical instruments as the iPod and Nintendo DS were used as tools to realise this very human music’ – Ed Pinsent – Sound Projector 19

You can listen to my remix (Noise Research) here

Or you can go to the soundcloud page here and download it

Ian Simpson / Noise Research: Gigs for 2011 so far

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These are the gigs I’ll be playing so far in 2011

28th Jan – Britons Protection, Manchester (with Electronic Organica Ensemble)

29th Jan – Antwerp Mansion, Manchester (with Aht-n)

3rd February – Centrifuge 8, Kro Bar, Manchester (with Frakture)

19th March – Kro Bar (Oxford rd), Manchester (with Richard Knight) – cancelled

25th March – Electronic Organica, Britons Protection (duo with Richard Knight)

5th April – Centrifuge 9, Sleepers Bar, Huddersfield (with Frakture)

7th April – Counting Backwards, Fuel, Withington (with Aht-n)

8th April – Frakture Acoute, Bluecoat, Liverpool (acoustic performance)

15th April – Islington Mill, Manchester (with Fonik)

17th April – Noise Research + Richard Knight (duo) Ship & Mitre, Liverpool

15th May – Frakture 6, Ship and Mitre, Liverpool (new improv project)

19th May -Centrifuge 10 (Frakture gig) Kro Bar Manchester

20th May – Open Circuit (with OCRA), The Lanternhouse, Ulverston

2nd June – Counting Backwards (Noise Jam) – Fuel, Withington

13th June – with Charlie Collins, John Jasnoch and Shaun Blezard, Sheffield (venue TBC)

18th June – Lighthouse Media Centre, Wolverhampton (as Noise Research)

26th June – Discus, Sheffield, Venue TBC (with Aht-n)

10th July – Alter Pieces II, St Lukes Church Liverpool (Frakture event)

20th July – Acoute 2 – Bluecoat, Liverpool (acoustic performance)

22nd – 23 rd July – Woodland Gathering, Fellfoot Wood, Cumbria (with Black Forest Orchestra)

25th July – Centrifuge #12, St Annes Church Manchester (part of the Mcr Jazz Festival)

4th August – Open Circuit, The Lighthouse, Ulverston Cumbria (with Focal Gaol)

5th September – Centrifuge, Castle, Oldham St, Manchester

16th October – Blank Canvas (as part of Fraktal with Chris Cundy), Ship & Mitre, Liverpool

8th November – Acoute #3 (acoustic enseble) – Bluecoat Arts Centre Liverpool

17th November – Centrifuge – Kro Bar, Oxford Rd, Manchester

20th November – Blank Canvas (with Aht-n), Ship and Mitre, Liverpool

23rd November – John Zorns Cobra, Bluecoat, Liverpool

Hopefully a couple of gigs in London too, will keep you posted !