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Centrifuge Workshop: developing an aesthetic II

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I took part in a fantastic improvisation workshop on Saturday (6th June) organised by the ever enterprising Centrifuge (Phil Morton et al).

Held at the MMU campus in Crewe, it was a chance to play and talk about performance in the here and now. Turned out to be a most thought provoking day with great contributions from all concerned. Took copious notes for further study. Great to perform a duo with Steve Lewis (voice) and a trio with Bruce Coates and Mark Haslip (saxes)

As well as performing Alex Cutteridge took these amazing photos

ian crewe 2

ian crewe 3

ian crewe 4

ian crewe 5


Russell, Butcher & Lash plus the Inclusion Principle at the Bluecoat

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Frakture organised yet another fantastic concert last night (3rd June 2010) at the Bluecoat in Liverpool.

First on were a duo made up of Herve Perez (Sndsukinspook) and Martin Archer both with reeds and laptops. Insect like tweets and squeaks gave way to ambient textural sonic scapes combined with some free jazz freak-outs with levels at time almost inaudible. Martin played with some kind of midi wind controller which seem to move somewhere between bass clarient and church organ. Lovely stuff.

The Inclusion Principle

The trio of John Russell, John Butcher and Dominic Lash were next. I love John Russells playing which is at times reminicient of the great Derek Bailey but I always feel is much more kinetic. The combination with John Butcher and Dominic Lash proved to be incendiary, an almost perfect combination, pushing and pulling each other out of zones each one had dictated in turn, only to be mutated (in an appropriate manner) by the other two. This is what free improvisation should be like and so often isn’t.

Thanks to Phil Morton and Frakture for another great night of ‘real’ music.

John Butcher and john Russell

Dominic Lash