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Wire Assembly live at Mopomoso Feb 2014 – The Vortex, London

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Wire Assembly were lucky enough to launch their CD at John Russell’s long running Mopomoso night at the Vortex Jazz Club. The performance was filmed too !

Wire Assembly are John Jasnoch (guitar), Neil Carver (guitar) and Ian Simpson (guitar)


Noise Research / Ian Simpson gigs for 2013

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Gigs for 2013 so far (keep checking for updates)

20th January – Blank Canvas, Ship and Mitre, Liverpool (guitar)

28th January – Open Mind, Fuel, Withington (as Noise Research)

17th February – Mopomoso, Vortex, London (with Kipple)

7th March – Centrifuge, Ducie Bridge, Manchester (guitar)

8th March – Xposed Club, University of Gloucester, Cheltenham (NR solo)

20th March – Acoute, Bluecoat Arts Centre, Liverpool

19th May – iSplash – Ship and Mitre, Liverpool (guitar / perc)

21st May – Centrifuge #21, Ducie Bridge, Manchester (Frakture event)

25th May – Chorlton Arts Festival – St Werburghs Church, Chorlton (Wire Assembly)

25th June – Centrifuge #22 – Ducie Bridge – Manchester (guitar / perc)

21st July – Blank Canvas, Ship and Mitre, Liverpool (with Wire Assembly)

22nd July – Centrifuge, Fuel Cafe Bar, Withington, Manchester

10th Sept – Centrifuge, Lamp Tavern, Birmingham

15th Sept – Just a Minute, Ship and Mitre, Liverpool (Frakture gig)

16th Oct – Acoute, Bluecoat Arts Centre, Liverpool (acoustic guitar / perc)

4th November – Centrifuge, Fuel Cafe Bar, Withington, Manchester

20th Nov – Noise Upstairs, Riverside, Sheffield (duo with Herve Perez)

noise research new logo for survey 0008

Noise Research / Ian Simpson gigs for 2012 – 13

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Gigs for 2012 (scroll down for 2013)

15th January – Ship and Mitre, Liverpool (as part of Kipple)

26th January – Islington Mill, Salford (as Noise Research)

2nd February – Kro Bar, Manchester (as part of Centrifuge)

19th February – Ship and Mitre, Liverpool (as Goldilocks Axe Murder)

17th March – The Lanternhouse , Ulverston (as Noise Research)

15th April – Ship and Mitre – Liverpool (iSplash night)

22nd April – Antwerp Mansion– Manchester (Video Jam)

10th May – Fuel – Withington (Noise Upstairs)

20th May – Ship and Mitre – Liverpool (with Id of Mobius)

22nd May – Kro Bar Oxford Rd, Manchester (with Centrifuge)

7th June – Acoute #4, Bluecoat, Liverpool (acoustic performance)

13th June – Noise Upstairs, Sheffield (as part of Kipple)

14th June – Noise Upstairs, Fuel, Manchester (as part of Kipple)

3rd July – Centrifuge, Riverside, Sheffield

25th July – Acoute #5, Bluecaot – Liverpool (acoustic performance)

14th September – Crimson Grail – Anglican Cathedral, Liverpool (with Rhys Chatham)

16th September – Ship and Mitre, Liverpool (duo with Rob Harrison)

20th September – Centrifuge #18, Ducie Bridge, Manchester

6th October – Centrifuge #19, Gregson, Lancaster

22nd October – Notes & Sounds, Red Deer, Sheffield (with Wire Assembly)

8th November – Noise Upstairs, Fuel, Withington (with Wire Assembly)

14th November – Noise Upstairs, Riverside, Sheffield (with Wire Assembly)

15th December – Electronic Organica XII, Britions Protection, Manchester


20th January – Blank Canvas, Ship and Mitre, Liverpool (guitar)

28th January – Open Mind, Fuel, Withington (as Noise Research)

17th February – Mopomoso, Vortex, London (with Kipple)

7th March – Centrifuge, Ducie Bridge, Manchester (guitar)

8th March – Xposed Club, University of Gloucester, Cheltenham (NR solo set)

20th March – Acoute, Bluecoat Arts Centre, Liverpool

Noise Research at Bombed Out Church Liverpool (Frakture / USL Event)

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Big thanks to Frakture and Urban Strawberry Lunch for giving me (Noise Research) the chance to play in such a fantastic setting last Sunday (10th July, 2011). Commonly known in Liverpool as ‘The Bombed Out Church’, St Lukes is situated at the end of Bold Street where it joins with Hardman Street.

St Lukes on Wikipedia

Here’s a couple of pictures from the event !

A Midsummer Night’s Drone project – 21st June 2011

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This is a really great project taking place on the 21st – 22nd June 2011 organised by John Bowers and Ryan Jordan.

Here’s a description from the artists of what will be taking place.

John Bowers and Ryan Jordan will be practising a midsummer night’s ritual.

Our intention is to drone from sunset to sunrise somewhere on the coast of Suffolk, the county which contains the easternmost areas of England. This way we can help usher in midsummer’s day a little ahead, and so helping out, the Druids at Stonehenge a couple of degrees to the West. We will take several of our own noisemakers and quietly drone on the beach….

You are invited to take part. You can join us by the sea. You can set a drone going in your own home to synchronise with us or following your local sunset and sunrise. You can submit materials to us (loops, whole tracks) which we will play on your behalf. You can submit some code (although we are only running on batteries so keep this in mind). You can think of us warmly. Whatever you like.

We aim for drones quietly moving in amongst the wind, the waves, the ghostly shuffling of soldiers, the subtle occult dissipations of radar still trapped in psychogeographical vortices, the fevered midsummer dreaming, as we anticipate the rosy fire of dawn……

Certain artists have been asked to contribute drones which will be featured during the performance including :


Radio Black Forest presents – WOODLAND GATHERING – July 2011

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Radio Black Forest presents an amazing two day festival on two stages in the heart of the lake district!
Films+Stalls and many more bizzare and wonderful things to be announced !

22nd and 23rd July 2011

Confirmed Acts include:

ISLAJA – Finnish Freak Folker

Z’ev and Mick Flower (Vibracathedral Orchestra/Flower Corsano Duo)


Joanna Quail

Black Abba – Just Announced!
New project of Alexander Tucker feat. members of moss
more details to follow!

Thee Moths

Black Forest Orchestra

Special commissioned psychedelic meltdown with Shaun Blezard (earthmonkey productions) and ian simpson/harry gallimore of fonik working with lancashire art collective free:control !
More Details to Follow…


The filthiest sludgecore..


Roberto Delira and Kompany (poland)TBC


Lute virtuoso, has worked with Keiji Haino and Maurizio Bianchi


Tickets (for two days inc camping) £35!!

£60 ticket includes a coach there and back from Birmingham
Tickets onsale from 11:00AM 18/3/11 from:

Electronic Organica X with DOS, Wolf Scarers, Richard Knight & Noise Research

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Electronic Organica X – Britons Protection, Gt Bridgewater Street, Manchester on the 25th March 2011 (a Friday)

Starts around 8.30pm, entry is £3 only with a free cd (if we remember to bring them!)

It’s our tenth event so far and we have a fantastic night for you with live performances from Disco Operating System, Wolf Scarers and Richard Knight and Noise Research

Disco Operating System
The Disco Operating System. A misnomer of sorts, an hilarious wordplay derived from the personal computing term “Disc Operating System”; D.O.S. Pertaining, possibly to the musical form “Disco”, or possibly not. Safest bet is that the Disco Operating System is not specifically any of the above, but does involve itself with sonic structures often of a cyclical nature, more often than not created with the aid of computing devices, and on less than most occasions involving a rhythmical gesture with a nod to your local 1970’s coke palace.
The Disco Operating System is helmed by Gareth Bibby, who takes great glee in creating solid chunks of electronic joy from random patterns of radiophonic detritus and partially melodic undertones.

Wolf Scarers
Wolf Scarers are Simon Prince and Keith Jafrate, both playing tenor saxophones. They’ve known each other for years but have never played together until, after appearing on the same bill at Huddersfield’s Inclusive Improv last year, it occurred to Simon to suggest some duets. So they got together at Oldham Music Centre and scared the pigeons in the neighbourhood for a few Fridays, and Wolf Scarers emerged. Both Simon and Keith have played all sorts of music in the past, and you can hear this in their improvisations, that swerve from gentle meditations that almost become chamber music across to full-blown shout-ups in the true tenor tradition, via, possibly, messed-up marching band funk and deconstructed jazz strut. (No computers are harmed in the making of their music.)

Richard Knight + Noise Research
Richard Knight is a sonic/computational artist, usually performing with digital equipment and an emphasis on spectral ambiguity. Knight also utilises mixing desks as sound sources: a typically passive audio device subverted to become an expressive instrument. Output is derived from the tenuous area between feedback and feedforward – the hazy and perplexing cusp between order and chaos.

Noise Research (aka UK sound manipulatist Ian Simpson) has adopted an uncompromising approach in both playing and performance. Simpson’s source material comes not from the inside of a physics lab but the natural world: birds shriek and water crashes, processed into something altogether more alien as his hands wander around a table containing what looks like the contents of the world’s coolest shed (Cath Aubergine – 2010).

Artwork copyright Ian Simpson 2011