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Wire Assembly live at Mopomoso Feb 2014 – The Vortex, London

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Wire Assembly were lucky enough to launch their CD at John Russell’s long running Mopomoso night at the Vortex Jazz Club. The performance was filmed too !

Wire Assembly are John Jasnoch (guitar), Neil Carver (guitar) and Ian Simpson (guitar)


Latest Classwar Karaoke Compilation : Survey 0023

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The very wonderful Classwar Karaoke has released the latest in their series of ‘Survey’ compilations.

A massive 91 pieces of music this time plus short films (102 participants in all)

download the Survey 0023 FREE here

cwk 0023

Classwar Karaoke Survey 0020 out now …… free download

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The latest in the wonderful series of compilations from Classwar Karaoke is now out and its a free download.

117 participating acts, with 108 pieces of music and 23 short-films. No more musical chairs. Please be nice to one another. 0020 survey is dedicated to the memory of Robert Chrysler

Classwar Karaoke – Survey 0020

download the audio content FREE here

view the visual content FREE here

Founded in 2008, Classwar Karaoke is a label dedicated to the release of experimental music and short-films; principally, by means of a series of ongoing quarterly surveys, made available via sites such as internet archive, myspace, discogs, youtube, lastfm, facebook, sonic squirrel, reverbnation, soundcloud etc, under Creative Commons license 3.0. All material remains the property of the respective artists and is offered for free download in line with this license. The Surveys published so far feature artists from all over the world; and the material in total represents significant documentation of the experimental scene itself. Involvement in the project has helped spawn many fruitful collaborations, live-shows and a vibrant exchange of ideas; so much so that, for several repeat-participants, Classwar Karaoke is as much a collective as it is a community and also a mechanism for the release of new material

(Classwar Karaoke 2012)

view the Classwar Karaoke Blog


Bonus track added to Space Stones EP by Noise Research

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Noise Research’s Space Stones EP has a bonus track from today (free download)

Space Stones (Chemical Warfare remix) – Noise Research
Download the Space Stones EP with Chemical Warfare remix FREE here

Space Stones film from Noise Research

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I’ve edited up some more public domain footage to go with a selection of sounds from the Noise Research EP Space stones.

As ever it serves to present a disembodiment of audio with visual.

Download the Space Stones EP FREE here

Film A – Cher on Acid vs Noise Research

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I’ve edited up some public domain nuclear paranoia footage onto the remix I did of the Cher on Acid track ‘Bad Drunk’. Entitled ‘Film A’ it’s now showing on Youtube !

Hot Hail gig in Second Life and streamed on the net live at 9pm 5th Feb 2012

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TONIGHT!!! At 9pm UK time Hot Hail will be playing a gig simultaneously in Second Life and streamed on the internet.

You can go directly to the virtual venue by using this link:​secondlife/Dulcamara/158/225/​1201

Or, if you have a first life, you can watch the live video stream online at:​livestream/

About Hot Hail

Hot Hail is a solo vehicle of Simon Jones, a composer, multimedia artist and performer based in Liverpool. Simon is one of the founding members of sound-art group, Noise Club, and a leading organiser of Frakture, an organisation that promotes free improvisation in the North West of England.

Simon’s compositional work deals with sound-colour as melody, microtonality, and notions of continuity. As an installation artist, his work explores interactivity, creating immersive and multisensory pieces, working not only with sound and vision, but smell and touch. Simon is also a regular performer of freely improvised music with a number of groups, including the Frakture Big Band, the Infinite Monkey Orchestra, i:Object, and Fraktal.

Hot Hail is a musical extension of Simon’s work more generally, keeping the same concerns as in his compositional work, but fused with the techniques of free improvisation. In Hot Hail, Simon performs on an array of found objects, effects and laptop, creating dynamic soundscapes that range from the darkly disturbing to the strangely sublime.

The name Hot Hail comes from one of the disasters that the Emperor Ming sent down on Earth in Flash Gordon. Logically, the two components, heat and hail, are completely incompatible, but intuitively the human mind is able to construct this impossible phenomenon in fine detail, with a set of characteristics that describe it; a new creation from the expressive qualities of opposites.