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Next Wire Assembly gig in 2015

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Wire Assembly (myself, John Jasnoch and Neil Carver) will be performing at Fizzle, The Lamp Tavern in Birmingham on the 21st July. Start approx 19:30

ian crewe


Update and recent history – Noise Research / Ian Simpson

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Here’s an update on my activities in the last couple of months.

Been a busy time hence slow on the recent blog posts !

Perhaps the most significant recent event was my performance with the Rhys Chatham Ensemble in Birmingham Town Hall Symphony Hall on the 7th June. The piece was his ‘A Secret Rose’ scored for 100 electric guitars. It involed 3 lengthy intense rehearsal sessions folowed by the perfomance on Saturday evening. The experience and performance were nothing short of amazing and Rhys Chathams ability to bring 100 musicians from all over the country (and abroad) and create a cohesive unit in 3 days demonstrates his ability as both a composer and facilitator.

I got together with Charlie Collins and Anthony Donovan for a trio performance in Sheffield in May. Held at The Audatious Art Experiments performance space we gave a 50 minute improvised performance with 2 prepared guitars (me and Anthony) and metal objects (Charlie). The resultant industrial metallic drones combined with almost pastoral interludes will be released on Anthonys Classwar Karaoke label in the next few months. There will be future gigs including one at The Vortex Mopomoso night early next year. The trio has been christened Kourozu and we’re very excited at the potential of the unit.

Yeah Yeah Industrial, joint project with Barrow based artist Shaun Blezard, has finally done its debut performance at Manchester’s Noise Above Noise night (The Penthouse Studios) in April. The much talked about Noise Above Noise nights couldn’t have made a better launch, seeing us perform at either end of the studio’s long gallery with the audience able to wander through us. Really great spacial experience we were told ! Many thanks to Rosanne Robertson and Debbie Sharp for having us on and great to be on the bill with Sophie Cooper, Graham Dunning and Colin Webster. YYI also featured in the most recent Metanast night at their 1 Primrose St venue in Ancoats (a converted abbatoir I’m told and an amazing space to perform in). A real pleasure to play with some great friends including Rosanne Robertson, Coryn Smethhurst and Richard Knight. Many thanks to Manoli Moriarty for asking us to perform and the hard work he put into the night. Look out for the next one (they have a FB page).

I played (guitar) as part of the ‘Eternal Return Arkestra of Gizeh’ a four hour continuous improvised performance on the 5th floor loft space at Islington Mill in Salford as part of FatOutFest 2014. It was hosted by Gizeh Records and featured legendary This Heat man Charles Hayward, Manchester’s Horrid and Toronto’s Nadja as section leaders. Another incredibly positive experience for me and many thanks to the guys from Gizeh for the massive efforts they put into it.

Wire Assembly played Mopomoso at the Vortex Jazz Club to launch our CD in February to a very appreciative audience. A nice quality video is on Mopomoso’s You Tube page so check it out. Thanks to John Russell for putting us on us. We also played the Red Deer in Sheffield (June) hosted by Notes and Sounds with a set of compositions (one from each of us) and a set of improvisations. A live recording was made which will hopefully be released at some point.

Along with all this have been the usual Noise Upstairs nights and a couple of Centrifuge nights at Fuel Cafe bar in Withington. Always great fun to play free improvisation on my archtop guitar and a great networking / social scene for like minded players. Check them both out through Facebook. As always its thanks to Phil Morton , Anton Hunter and Rodrigo Contanso for their efforts with these nights.

Thats all for now, gig news coming soon !


Kourozu performimg at The Audacious Art Experiment in May 2014 (pic Annie Dee)

New release from Juan Antonio Nieto on Electronic Musik

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Latest release from Electronic Musik comes from Juan Antonio Nieto (aka Pangea).

Em177: The Voice Inside – Juan Antonio Nieto

download The Voice Inside FREE here

Juan Antonio Nieto (aka Pangea) is a sound artist from Spain.

His work has been released by labels including Trente Oiseaux, Mandorla, Experimedia, Electronic Musik, Impulsive Habitat, Idiosyncratics and Test Tube.

Pangea has collaborated with some of the most prestigious avant-garde artists of the world, examples being Brazilian classical composer Leo Alves Vieira working with string quartets, the Japanese author Kenji Siratori who has voiced his compositions and Igor Jovanovic.

His release with David Velez release was considered the best album of 2007 by the journal Earlabs.

His music has been included in art installations in the Circulo de Bellas Artes de Madrid, the Cultural Center of Spain in Buenos Aires, Festival fuga lab, Cinetone and the Abstracta cinema festival of Rome.

Juan Antonio Nieto is also member of Freddy Mulard’s Hypermodern group, a free improvisation projet that includes artists like Frank Vigroux, Le Quan Ninh and Han Bennink among others. Pangea has performed in several European and American cities.

Juan Antonio Nieto on Blogspot

Longstone release sampler on Electronic Musik UK Net Label

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Longstone have released a sampler from their ‘Wavetable’ label on Electronic Musik this week.

EM are extremely proud to have this as part of their catalogue !

Em173: Wavetable Sampler – Longstone

download the Wavetable sampler FREE here


1. Longstone – Living Space
2. Flying Down Trio – Equal Measures
3. Stuart Wilding And Peter Robson – Chapel Songs 2
4. Stylus – Deceleration
5. Longstone – Sakura Part 5 EDIT

Track 1 taken from the album Surrounded by Glass ( WAVEDN 006 )
Track 2 taken from the album Sheffield ( WAVECD002/WAVEDN002 )
Track 3 taken from the album Chapel Songs ( WAVECD003 )
Track 4 taken from the forthcoming Stylus compilation ( TBC )
Track 5 taken from the album Sakura ( WAVECD001/WAVEDN001 )

WAVETABLE is a record label formed by Longstone as a platform to reissue their back catalogue for worldwide digital download. In addition Wavetable is releasing new music by Longstone and albums by other esoteric and experimental artists we enjoy . Releases are available to purchase as downloads from all major digital outlets and also as limited edition CDs.

Acoute #3 at The Bluecoat, Liverpool – November 8th

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I’ll be playing at this event on Tuesday the 8th of November at the Bluecoat Arts Centre, School Lane, Liverpool.

Frakture Concerts presents an evening of free improvised, contemporary music using acoustic sources with local and regional musicians, with special guests Bruce Coatesand Mike Hurley from Birmingham.

Bruce Coates Reeds
Dave Tompkins Double Bass
Ian Simpson prepared acoustic guitar
Mark Jones Flute
Mike Hurley Piano
Pete Jones Guitar
Phil Bernia Drumset
Phil Hargreaves Sax
Phil Lucking Trumpets
Phil Morton Accidents & Treatments
Simon Jones Violin

Sad News – Death of Bert Jansch at 67

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I was sad to read about the death of Bert Jansch earlier this week.
Born 3rd November 1943 he was well known for his solo work, work with Pentagle and collaborations with John Renbourne.

He took huge influence from fingerstyle guitar innovator Davy Graham (also sadly missed) and combined with a resonant, beautiful tone of voice managed to bridge the gap between folk and innovative experimentation. In turn he influenced others, notably Jimmy Page who performed Black Mountain Side (an instrumental version of Jansch’s Black Waterside) on the 1st Led Zeppelin album.

Jansch died on the 5th October 2011 after finally losing the battle to cancer first diagnosed 3 years ago

New Noise Research track on Soundcloud

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I’ve posted a new Noise Research piece on Soundcloud.
The piece was constructed using layering techniques with a music concrete ethic. It’s intended for a short film in the near future which will use public domain footage from the 1950’s. Only one sound source was used throughout. The Noise Research Soundcloud is set to allow you to download the piece.

Go to Noise Research Soundcloud here