About Electronic Musik

Electronic Musik is a free download net label with over 190 releases at present (July 2014).

The blog also details the activities of the improvising musician / sound manipulator Ian Simpson (aka Noise Research / Bacillus) . 

Additionally, Ian is a member of Kosmische electronica duo ‘Yeah Yeah Industrial‘, improvising guitar trio Wire Assembly‘, free jazz electronica sextet ‘Kipple’ and a new trio with Charlie Collins and Anthony Donovan called ‘Kourozu’

Ian is also a baker, jam maker, works as a part time cardiolgy nurse and is currently undertaking post graduate study with the Open University.

Electronic Musik download portal


4 Responses to “About Electronic Musik”

  1. My pleasure, i am looking for a new label to release my last work. I feel you can be interesting, please let me know what do you think. I can send you my music for a first listening. I play a no-input mixer solo on this album

    Thanks in advance

  2. Very very nice blog!!! I’m enjoying it a lot!!
    Let me introduce you 7 Estrelo, we’re from Brazil. We do a big mix with eletronic, brazilian music and a lot of other styles… hope u like it!!

  3. 8 whole years of strenuous shots-in-the-dark at promotion and self marketing weighing on the ol’ spine and finally, I devised the courage to suck it all up and accept defeat.

    So pls halp me 😥

    Colours That Glow In The Dark is the first EP from the man of ex-Skin Walker infamy and Mancunian hometown fame, HODSON. Released solely on The Waveform Generator (apart from the standard SoundCloud playlist, of course) which is actually set for closure in the next coming weeks sadly, CTGITD is a metaphysical force of abiding atmospheric energy mixed with the strict romantic-relationship ties between the experimental and the now-commercial. A plethora of breaks and trip-glitch harmonies, passive aggressive in their nature met with the solemn fist of messy underground and lo-fi chillout abundances, it’s a killing formula. From start to finish, the CTGITD EP is something worthy of it’s 20-odd minute slot.

    Download the EP for free from the official TWG Bandcamp over at https://thewaveformgenerators.bandcamp.com/album/twg019-colours-that-glow-in-the-dark-ep
    Or stream in higher quality over at the HODSON SoundCloud – https://soundcloud.com/thatmanckid/sets/colours-that-glow-in-the-dark-ep

    Thanks for reading this if you do, thanks for your time and I hope it’s something you’re interested in cause this looks like a tidy little thing you got for yourself here and I would love to be a part of it

    Cheers mate,

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