Latest Classwar Karaoke Compilation : Survey 0023

The very wonderful Classwar Karaoke has released the latest in their series of ‘Survey’ compilations.

A massive 91 pieces of music this time plus short films (102 participants in all)

download the Survey 0023 FREE here

cwk 0023


One Response to “Latest Classwar Karaoke Compilation : Survey 0023”

  1. Hi!

    I’m writing you to present my album/music/play, called “Lev”, that tells a subjective story where the hero and the plot come from the listener/viewer through a path of feelings and intentions that change continuously in a magic & dreamy scenario.

    I’m a brazilian DJ and musical producer, member of the bands Mamma Cadela, Scherzo Rajada & Monique Maion’s ensemble. I’m also a soundtrack producer for films and plays.



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