New release from Juan Antonio Nieto on Electronic Musik

Latest release from Electronic Musik comes from Juan Antonio Nieto (aka Pangea).

Em177: The Voice Inside – Juan Antonio Nieto

download The Voice Inside FREE here

Juan Antonio Nieto (aka Pangea) is a sound artist from Spain.

His work has been released by labels including Trente Oiseaux, Mandorla, Experimedia, Electronic Musik, Impulsive Habitat, Idiosyncratics and Test Tube.

Pangea has collaborated with some of the most prestigious avant-garde artists of the world, examples being Brazilian classical composer Leo Alves Vieira working with string quartets, the Japanese author Kenji Siratori who has voiced his compositions and Igor Jovanovic.

His release with David Velez release was considered the best album of 2007 by the journal Earlabs.

His music has been included in art installations in the Circulo de Bellas Artes de Madrid, the Cultural Center of Spain in Buenos Aires, Festival fuga lab, Cinetone and the Abstracta cinema festival of Rome.

Juan Antonio Nieto is also member of Freddy Mulard’s Hypermodern group, a free improvisation projet that includes artists like Frank Vigroux, Le Quan Ninh and Han Bennink among others. Pangea has performed in several European and American cities.

Juan Antonio Nieto on Blogspot


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