Double release on EM for Free Jazz Electronica sextet ‘Kipple’

Electronic Musik has released the first two albums by UK Free Jazz Electronica Sextet ‘Kipple’

Em165: Kipple 1.1 – Kipple
Em166: Kipple 1.2 – Kipple

Kipple combines the momentum of ESP era free jazz with a 2 man low fi electronics section in place of the piano. The rhythm section is that used by Sonny Simmons on his UK gigs. The free blowing trumpet/soprano sax front line manages to be intense and relaxed at the same time (Phil Morton, Frakture, 2011)

download Kipple 1.1 FREE here

download Kipple 1.2 FREE here

Derek Saw – trumpet,flugelhorn
Herve Perez – soprano sax
Shaun Blezard – electronics
Ian Simpson – electronics
John Jasnoch – guitar
Charlie Collins – drums


One Response to “Double release on EM for Free Jazz Electronica sextet ‘Kipple’”

  1. […] You know Ian Simpson and Shaun Blezard better as Noise Research and Clutter respectively, who have both released many projects in experimental and improvisational electronics. Simpson and Blezard teamed up with Derke Saw and Herve Perez on horns, John Jasnoch on guitar, and Charile Collins on drums for an exceptional live recording of their set at Notes and Sounds music series in Sheffield which has been released on the netlabel Electronic Musik. They are collectively known as Kipple. […]

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