Anton Mobin / Noise Research split EP on Electronic Musik (free download)

Latest release from Electronic Musik as of 27th June 2011.

Heavy Tactical Collision / VLF – Noise Research / Anton Mobin split (Em149)

download FREE here

Born in 1979, Anthony Baron lives in Paris and works where the improvisation and the sound creation is going full swing in the world.
It is under the name of Anton Mobin that he produces his radio creations and that he occurs on stage. Anton Mobin’s sound activities evolve in two universes: the improvised music and the radio art.

Sound artist and radio producer, the sound recording and the sound effects are the essential elements of his work of composition.

He defines himself his initiative in the continuity of the concrete music: his approach is directed on the listening of the sounds of the everyday life and their use in the radio composition, to develop an “extensive” concrete music.

Noise Research is the alter-ego of UK Sound Artist / Musician Ian Simpson.

Noise Research has material released on the Electronic Musik (UK), Rift Recordings (UK), Classwar Karaoke (UK), Itsu Jitsu (UK), Earth Monkey Productions (UK), A.M.P (S. America), aReW (UK), Rec72 (Germany), Clinical Archives (Russia), Found in a Skip (UK), Kulturterrorismus (Germany), iFar (UK) and Bivouac (China) labels


One Response to “Anton Mobin / Noise Research split EP on Electronic Musik (free download)”

  1. Thanks
    good first split
    very interesting low freq !!!

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