New Noise Research album on Kultur [Terrorismus]

I’ve had my latest album from the Noise Research project released on the German Netlabel Kulturterrorimus.

Soundscapes for the Abandoned – Noise Research (KT Net 006)

download FREE here

With “Soundscapes For The Abandoned” we proudly present the stunning album of the British sound artist and musician Ian David Simpson aka Noise Research. Ian has been involved in the experimental music scene since years and had performed with many great artists amongst others Faust, Eddie Prevost, John Russell, Evan Parker, Sun Ra Arkestra, Rhodri Davis and many more. The 5 track album consists of a captivating mixture of deep drones slowly changing ambiences, music concrete and well placed noise parts. A pleasant listening from the beginning to the end. Taste it!

Artwork copyright Ian Simpson, 2011


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