Review of the works of Noise Research and Bacillus on WTF Music

One artist (UK based Ian Simpson), two pseudonyms. Bacillus and Noise Research.

In the albums of Bacillus, long sweeping sound panoramas drift on through suspended moments.

We travel through oceans and float above the waves, we dive through forests, sit in stillness,
then run through the trees, zig zag, return, lift up, and rustle through treetops. We enter abandoned factories inhabited by ghosts who slowly and imperceptibly wind up the machinery to unleash their rusty groans, the power flickers on and off, wind blows through, rats scurry by. We are teleported into alien crafts and hear the telepathic language of beings who exist in the rift between dimensions. Spinning, low glow in darkness, traveling at immense speeds yet simultaneously stationary,we watch ages of history roll beyond to the tune of cybotic angels’ voices. We walk down endless train tunnels, a barely comprehensible woman’s voice reading off nonsense through the intercom system, fields of crystalline rainbow flowers, priest mages in long dark robes, faces shrouded, reciting incantations through the electricity in their fingertips, as they walk in circles, foreign planetary habitats.

In the music of Noise Research, we enter the sounds, into the realm where sonic vibrations and electricity merge.

The sound of pulses cycling through a circuit, different switches, amplitudes, wave forms, feedback loops of micro-frequencies, the static chaos of twisted frayed wires sending the signal in all directions, back around, splitting, joining, leaping, and dying. A magnetic tape, wrinkled and warped, speed erratic, blurbing through vaguely recorded sounds, the synthesizer’s guts revealed and subtly prodded, radio waves, sent through space, into satellites, bouncing between towers, striking antennae, all in a moment, the echoes of deep space emulated in the trans-dimensional winding of strings and quarks.

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