New release from Gary Fisher on EM net label

Released today (27th March) a new album from sound artist Gary Fisher.

Sea of Mirrors – Gary Fisher (Em139)

download FREE here

Gary Fisher is a Manchester based sound and visual artist and improvisor working in a continuous process of experimentation and enquiry focussed around instinctive or investigatory responses to sound, images, places, words, and objects. The overall practice includes various approaches and may be considered a constant ‘work in progress’. Central to this process is a fascination with amplifying textures, surfaces and objects, testing the sound-making possibilities of objects, using found objects and sounds and a fascination with analogue and manual technologies and in finding alternative approaches to more conventional instruments and technologies. This includes experimenting with various media and approaches resulting in sound-making, recording and performance, drawing, collage, photography, texts and installation. Recordings, performances, objects and images may be seen as individual pieces and as part of the larger ‘work in progress’ that is the process itself.

The live performances often take the form a continuous improvised composition using various found objects, electronic devices, percussion and home-made noise-makers. The recording “Sea of Mirrors” was made live at the ‘Stroke Club’ night at Gulliver’s, Manchester using; cymbal and book with contact mics; Buddha Machine; tape recorder with Amstrad tape; reverb spring and FM radio. Also on the release are two out-takes from a rehearsal recorded at home.


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