DIY Vintage Phaser Pedal 1977 build you own

Here’s another classic circuit from the magazine Everyday Electronics (December 1977 issue)
Build your own boutique pedal fro a fraction of the cost ! A separate plan of the PCB is included at the bottom

The Automatic Phase Box

Phaser page 1

Phaser page 2

Phaser page 3

Phaser page 4

Phaser page 5

Phaser full size PCB

5 Responses to “DIY Vintage Phaser Pedal 1977 build you own”

  1. Has anyone built this?

  2. I’ve built this,but still debugging,you can hear the ticking but there is no sound coming out.

    • I had this problem too. I turned out to be the inputjack who where shorted. Try to unsolder the inputjack and touch the wire for the inputsignal and listen if you get the humming noice in the amplifier. If you got the thing to work and still have the ticking sound, check out your powersupply. I had problems with ticking sounds but it disapered when i switched to a better powersource. Good luck.

  3. I’ve successfully breadboarded this and found the effect to be rather subtle.

  4. I just built the pedal and i also made the pcb from the layout. I have to say that i am very pleased with the pedal. It sounds great and very 70:s

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