RIP Don Van Vliet aka Captain Beefheart

Very sad news regarding one of the most influencial, complicated and pure art personalities in 20th Century contemporary music.

I first heard Captain Beefheart via a school friends brother playing the album ‘Lick my Decals Off’ in about 1973. It was the voice that got me, followed by the seemingly disjointed angular structures which, on first listenings, seem to make no sense. He was always an artist you had to work at to ‘get it’ but I find such artists the most rewarding and when it finally comes through to you the feeling can be euphoric. Such genius (as was Don) deserves that time spent.

My top album has to be ‘Trout Mask’ and I love the ‘Mirror Man Sessions’ too (it plays as I write this). Its a wonderful legacy but a shame that so many poor quality albums were released by the likes of ‘Ozit’ et al which were sub bootleg quality and an insult to the man.

So thats my little tribute, feel free to comment and add your memories to it.

The eternally 'difficult' Trout Mask Replica


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