New release from Chris Whitehead on EM netlabel

The latest release from Electronic Musik (as of 14th November 2010) comes in the form of a set of field recordings from Chris Whitehead. This is the second release from Chris on EM and is a welcome return.

Chris tells me – The set is called 100 Birthdays. It was recorded in a tube station in London, a bookshop in Scarborough, a park and art gallery in Whitby, and aboard a dying space station hurtling towards Jupiter.

find the link to download FREE here

cover design by Chris Whitehead 2010


3 Responses to “New release from Chris Whitehead on EM netlabel”

  1. MySpace has been what they call ‘updated’. Cosequently it is utterly impossible to use and looks rubbish.

    Therefore if you’d like more details and interesting sounds and pictures, I have a new blog here…

    Chris W

  2. What an unbelievable list! The only thing is that there seems to be an under appreciation of electronic music that doesn’t go so hard for sounding “sensational” as far as extremes of tempo, timbre etc. I feel like the most seasoned: aphex twin, moby etc, avoid this. great up and comers in that vein though too. This guy has his album out for free and is still pretty unknown

    I love where he’s coming from…. anyone else have good stuff to share? Especially from the north east?

  3. […] recorded the streams by Sandsend and Kettleness and pheasants and other birds at night fall, while 100 Birthdays (2010) examined the movement of people in London. Whitehead combines both natural and man-made […]

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