Korg Monotron Demo – Noise Research

Here is the first use of my new Korg Monotron (Analogue Ribbon Synthesizer).
This is literally straight out of it’s box using the internal speaker (they even give you two AAA batteries with it).

It features a VCO pitch control, LFO with rate and intensity, VCF with cutoff and peak plus a switch to select the modulation source (pitch or cutoff).


2 Responses to “Korg Monotron Demo – Noise Research”

  1. i just got one. very cool device. i wanted to check one thing… it produces a lot of hiss merely turned on, and makes a little ‘click’ noise when you note OFF, if the cutoff is below around half (it is not audible if it is higher — lost in the noise, as it were). this is a bit weird for live playing, i think, and i wonder if it is just the model I have? or maybe the batteries it came with are low. . . similar results?


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