Chimera Synthesis BC9 now available

Chimera Synthesis have been manufacturing ’boutique’ mini synthesizers for the past few years. The BC8 came first which they described as ‘ probably the smallest production synthesizer in the world and certainly the cutest.’ and their site sums up the BC8 as ‘Eight LFO and four VCO morphing waveshapes, 128 different patchings, deep modulation options, wide ranging ATTACK/DECAY envelope generator and recording sequencer in a hand-built-by-one-man-in-a-tiny-factory-in-England – pocket sized – self powered – round package carefully machined from high-quality acrylic plastic’ . Wow all that in a hand held size case ??

I bought my first one last year and followed it closely with a second module (I was so impressed by it).

Heres a short video I made of one of my set-ups which incorporates a BC8.

The BC8 has been discontinued and replaced by the BC9 which has now become available to buy.

The Chimera website describes the BC9 thus – Based on the popular BC8 synthesiser/sequencer, the BC9 offers the same astonishing range of sounds with the ability to externally modulate any possible combination of the eight main control knobs, including the infamous ‘patch’ control. A ninth knob controls the depth of external modulation. The semi-transparent frosted body diffuses the light from the ten LEDs that logically show various conditions and processes (warning: mesmerising).

Here’s a short demo video by Chimera

Needless to say I’ve ordered one !!! I’ll post my own demo video when it arrives !!


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