Featured download 30th May 2010 – Thee Moths

Thee Moths – 50 examples (Em091)

Download it here


First Actions

Thee Moths formed as a fuzzy guitar pop band in 2000, initially as a quintet with former members of Alex’s old band Magnetic North Pole. That then slimmed to a trio and then down to a duo. The duo version (Alex and Dominique Ferraton) recorded the first two albums plus a slew of EPs and compilation tracks. Though Dominique left the band Alex continued, releasing several more albums before deciding to call it a day in summer 2008

Second Actions

Around the start of 2009 Alex began to feel that he maybe had more to say under Thee Moths’ banner. With this in mind he started up again, this time deliberately moving away from the structured song based roots of the band. Though there may be song centric recordings in the future, these are likely to not be under the name Thee Moths. Concentrating now more on making things limited and special than mass produced and available, Alex has started a series of extremely limited releases, runs of anything between 5 and 20 copies with handmade artwork, released regularly. Live shows now take one of two forms – electronic voice/laptop/synth improv with audience participation under the name ‘Many Hands/Light Work’, and completely improvised ‘singer/songwriter’ shows where the songs are written on the fly during the performance from suggestions by the gig goers. Thee Moths second actions is entirely about improvisation and engaging with the audience.

A lot of the music from the First Actions is available online for free, the Second Actions material is available in very short runs from gigs or the store. To date Thee Moths have been featured on 70 releases over 9 years.


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