Nintendo DS software use

I’ve been using a Nintendo DS in my setup for about 12 months now and it’s becoming indispensible.

Best software I’ve found so far is to be found  at GlitchDS

It’s all free download but you’ll need an R4 card in your DS to load it up.

Three programs are available from the site

GlitchDS is a free homebrew Cellular Automaton music sequencer for the Nintendo DS. It’s perfect for creating IDM and Glitch style loops.

RepeaterDS is a free music application for the Nintendo DS that allows you to “play” a sample by drawing on the DS screen. The vertical axis controls repeat length. The horizontal axis controls the playback offset into the sample.

CellsDS is a free flexible, programmable grid-based music sequencer for the Nintendo DS. cellsDS is six sequencers in one, with each sequencer being controlled by a user definable Lua script.  It is the peculiar anti-social stepchild of the Tenori-On and Monome.


One Response to “Nintendo DS software use”

  1. Hi there, I really love music that why i like this RepeaterDS as a feature of my Ds.

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